The new store concept

Wirz & Weli's new store concept is very versatile and exciting! With the option to rent the location by the hour, half day, full day and weekly, it offers flexibility for different events. The themed sales weeks, announced via Instagram, the website and broadcasts, are a great way to attract customers and keep them informed.

The facilities of the premises are also impressive. With 2 bars, seating for 10-30 people, 2 toilets, a garden terrace and 4 parking spaces, as well as additional public parking spaces nearby, the store offers enough space and amenities for various types of events. The presence of tableware for 40 people is also practical and allows events such as banquets and tastings to be held without any problems.

Whether vernissages, lectures, therapies, photo shoots, presentations, workshops, tastings, gourmet meals, pop-up shops or other events - the versatile location of Wirz & Weli Welten is suitable for a wide range of events. It offers an attractive opportunity to organize unique and special events.

If you need further information or support in the implementation of your event, I am happy to help you!

The focus is on a place where people can come together and be creative. It is a place where ideas can be exchanged and new projects can be realized. It is a space where everyone has the opportunity to live out their creative side and create something unique together with others. It is a place of inspiration and exchange, where new ideas can emerge and creativity is encouraged. It is a place where people come together to share their passions and achieve great things together.